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GJ Wielinga (1971)

A Frisian artist based in Amsterdam.


Visual art
2022 – Open Studio at Donauweg
2021 – Solo exhibition at WG Kunst Amsterdam
2000 – Solo exhibition at Supperclub Amsterdam
2000 – Group exhibition at Moira Utrecht
1999 – Group exhibition at Atame Zürich

2023 – ‘The Digital Version Of My Brain Is One Big Grey Hole’ Novella
2014 – ‘De Digitale Versie Van Mijn Brein Is Een Groot Grijs Gat’ Novella
2010 – ‘Het Beest Van Amsterdam’ Novella
2009 – ‘Het Wonderlijke Leven Van Mijn Zus’ Novella
2008 – ‘Schaduwland’ Novella

Campaign design
2022 – De Sex Salon
2019 – Bi+ Nederland
2016 – PrEPnu
2015 – Support the HIV/AIDS Monument
2011 – 25 jaar Homomonument
2010 – Paarse Vrijdag (GSA Network)
2009 – Jennifer Hopelezz for Night Mayor
2007 – Poz&Proud

2001 – Bonking Berlin Bastards Cazzo Movie
1998 – The Pornographic Wall ApuTheatre Play
1993 – Safe in the Arms of Catastrophe BBC Drama-documentary

1989 – 1993 Hogeschool van de Kunsten Utrecht, Gerrit Rietveld Academie


After 15 years in which Wielinga worked as an author/journalist/campaigner, he started to make art again. Currently Wielinga is exploring screen printing, but his ambition is to be literate in more than just one practice. Themes of interest are personal freedoms, masculine prowess and psychological concepts surrounding valour and melancholia.

Wielinga quit artschool when he got his HIV diagnosis in the week after his 22nd birthday, in January 1993. At the time he also did drag shows, was the face of a pop band, and worked as a barman in a popular jeans bar.

A year later he found himself in Zürich, Switzerland, with a serious burnout. Getting himself together again he started drawing, painting and taking pictures. Meanwhile he was asked to help with the art direction of a monthly party in a nuclear cellar. In 1996 antiretroviral therapy was introduced. Life continued.

Back in Amsterdam Wielinga painted and started experimenting with text on walls. Meanwhile he played on stage and in film as an actor, but not satisfied with that lifestyle he landed a job in porn. That should quell his ambition to become a serious actor. And it did. During an art intervention in a popular restaurant/nightclub most of his art pieces went missing or were vandalised, Wielinga took that as a sign that his art career was over too.

Wielinga discovered writing. A few pieces were published in Dutch literary magazines and in 2008 Wielinga could list ‘author’ at his list of professions when a small independent publishers house took a chance on him. Despite small success Wielinga kept writing. His own stories, and articles and interviews for magazines. Through a friend he got involved with HIV activism and Wielinga found that campaigning for just causes made his heart beat faster.

This lead first to campaigning for a drag queen, Jennifer Hopelezz, who wanted to become Night Mayor of Amsterdam. Wielinga was then asked by the national LGBTIQ+ organization in the Netherlands to lead campaigns on schools, in the workplace and in healthcare which he did with great enthusiasm. As collateral outcome in this role, Wielinga became one of the founders of several organizations advancing sexual and human rights in the Netherlands.

Nevertheless, from 2015 onwards he started again making art and decided in 2020 that this should be his core practice again. Wielinga works and lives in Amsterdam.


Gay Map Amsterdam 1994/1995 by Jan Gort (1994)

Amsterdam Series by David Diem (2006)

Butt Magazine by Job van Bennekom (2004)

Axa Rod as bride by Henri Blommers (2010)

Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe by Jasper Wiedeman (2003)

Waxattack by Roberto Bourgonjen (1993)